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It’s time for Throwback Thursday! This week’s TBT: Fifi Abdou!


Who is this legendary Egyptian dancer? One of the wealthiest and most generous women of Egypt? The answer is, Fifi. She was born in Cairo and joined a Beledi troupe at only 12 years old. She became a model too, and ended up dancing at many well known venues in the 70’s (earning up to $10,000 per performance, around two hours). In 1999, Fifi was forbidden from going to Mecca, since some felt her dancing was not in line with the Islamic religion. Luckily, in the end she was able to go.

Before that, she had been sentenced jail time due to “depraved movements” by some Egyptians. Her style could be seen as a reflection of her typecasted role in cinema as a headstrong, dominating woman which was a rarity in her time and culture. But we see her as the epitome of the most womanly of women!


We love her because we feel she really represents the belly dance of her time. Her style of dancing exudes grace and her smile only further illuminates her already star like presence. Plus, we love her rebel spirit, for being so different and standing out as a truly amazing woman of the time!

(Source: Wikipedia)

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