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All Roads Lead to Serena

Years ago (eek!) I had my first podcast my first interview with Scott Wilson, a fantastic out player and the son of Serena Wilson, and his wife Leni Cohen. Many of you may have heard of Serena Wilson who was fabulous dancer in NYC. She really helped to popularize and legitimize belly dance - specifically cabaret style. She owned her own studio, wrote books, had her own tv show - you name, it she did it! Fun fact - Serena appeared on an episode of one of my favorite old t.v. shows: What's My Line?

Unfortunately, I never got to meet Serena, but luckily, Scott is still very involved in the belly dance community whether it is playing oud, making sure Serena’s technique is still taught or setting up the wonderful museum in her memory where I got the chance to interview him and Leni about her life.

Scott kindly provided me with videos (below) and information that I will add to the end of this post!


Serena's Album Collection

To sample the collection head over to the Belly Beats page and listen to the accompanying playlist!


Serena's Collection of Assorted Bellydance Items


Photos of Serena


Download PDF • 6.28MB

Serena Inverview Transcript
Download PDF • 136KB

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