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Hi Everyone! I'm Sara Nazely and I'd like to welcome you to The Belly Blog!

I found Belly Dance back in 2011. I was going through a bit of a rough patch and was in search of something to lift my spirits. Belly Dance did the trick! I found a wonderful studio, Anahid Sofian Studios, and was lucky enough to be taught by Anahid, the wonderful Sira Melikian and the fabulous Dorit. Over the years I have attended workshops with incredible dancers and been able to learn from some of my idols. 

Belly Dance has helped me grow as a person, challenged me physically and mentally, brought the most beautiful people into my life and honestly, it's just been really fun. My love for this art form prompted me to to want to learn more about it's history and the women and men that continue it's legacy now. That is where this site comes in.

My hope is that The Belly Blog can serve as a community hub. Stop by, listen to an interview or some music, browse through images to get inspired, check out the shop and drop me a message if you want to say hi :)

Hope you enjoy!

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